Local is Best: Koeksuster

I discovered the brand Koeksuster through Between 10 and 5, a digital publishing company I follow on Facebook. I was drawn to Koeksuster because of its message of female empowerment and because I always admire women who encourage other women through their businesses.

Koeksuster produces intimates (read underwear) and sleepwear. Their online shop has a bra catalogue, which consists of five lacy bralettes, and a printed t-shirt catalogue, which consists of six printed white t-shirts. Their website also has a blog portion (at the time I wrote this only one post had been uploaded, but I think they are still working on developing the blogging portion of the website).

As I did not know the brand when I first bought anything from them, I opted for one of their white t-shirts. Mine just has the plain Koeksuster logo on it. I really like the logo because it is reminiscent of Julie Taymor’s Titus, when they remove Lavinia’s hands after her rape. It is probably a creepy association, but I have always enjoyed Taymor’s version of Shakespeare’s Titus Andronicus because of the conversation it creates around female bodies and violence.

T-shirt From Koeksuster
Plain T-Shirt From Koeksuster (Excuse The Wrinkles)

I received my t-shirt in less than a week after placing my order. It was dropped off at my flat and I was really impressed with its packaging. The shirt itself is really soft and makes a great casual shirt, as well as a comfortable shirt to sleep in. I think I may visit one of their pop-up shops and buy myself a bralette (for more information on their pop-up shops, visit their Instagram page).

Pink Packaging
Lovingly Packaged By Koeksuster

If you are looking for a fun and quirky brand with a powerful message, then I would advise you to consider buying something from Koeksuster. Their bralettes and shirts would make a great gift for the women (or men) in your life.

PS: Their instagram handle is @koeksuster.


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