Eating My Way Across Cape Town

“My doctor told me I had to stop throwing intimate dinners for four, unless there are three other people.” -Orson Welles

Roasted Tomato Soup 

Roasted Tomato Soup
Roasted Tomato Soup From The Hatchery

I ate this at The Hatchery, the restaurant on the Cape Point Ostrich Farm‘s grounds. I had their delectable orange and butternut soup the last time I visited and I was not disappointed this time. Tomato soup can go very wrong sometimes (I am looking at you Heinz). But this one was fresh, it had actual bits of tomato in it, and it came with a small loaf of homemade bread. Winter may be going, but it is always soup time.

*A note: Reception is very bad in this area, so sometimes their card machines do not work. It is advisable to take cash, if you plan on visiting.



I am not actually sure what this pastry is called… but it was delicious. It consisted of layers of puff pastry with a cream centre. It was everything you wanted it to be: messy, creamy and absolutely glorious. I bought this from the Trecastelli Bakery at the V&A Food Market. I have been buying pastries from them for a while now and am yet to be disappointed by their high quality pastries.

*A note: Trecastelli does not accept cards.

Healthy Ice Tea 

Healthy Ice Tea
Healthy Ice Tea From Nigiro Tea Merchants

As already discussed, I am a tea addict. I really enjoyed this sugarless, healthy ice tea from Nigiro (origin backwards) Tea Merchants. It had a slight vanilla taste to it and it was not so insanely strong that you wanted to gouge your eyes out (this is how I measure how strong something is). It was very refreshing and I felt very health-conscious, walking around with it. Take that, Lipton.

Spring Rolls 


Sprung Food makes the best spring rolls in Cape Town. They are at most markets and they are very affordable. They also are not shy with their sweet chilli dip. They pack amazing flavours into their spring rolls, from plain vegetable to bobotie. Every day is a spring roll day.




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