My Current Favourites: Tea

This year I decided to scale back on the coffee (and the milk) and embrace the tea life. Tea is kinder on my stomach and I find it to be more refreshing.

Am I a sophisticated tea connoisseur with a nose for different blends and an artsy strainer?


But do I just enjoy some good tea?


Here is a brief summary of some of my current favourite teas (no, this post isn’t sponsored by Woolworths).

Infusions: Cranberry, Apple and Cinnamon

Infusions: Cranberry, Apple and Cinnamon
Infusions: Cranberry, Apple and Cinnamon from Woolworths

I really enjoy this infusion because it tastes like what you imagine it would taste like. Too often with teas, are you lured in with fancy titles and exotic ingredients and when you taste it, you are left wanting. This one is strong and fruity and I find it a perfect pick-me-up when I am having a bit of a bad day. I also love its deep plum colour.

I feel that the infusion teas can be a of a  hit-or-miss. You need to make sure you read the ingredient list because not all the ingredients that are in the tea appear in the title. I personally hate the taste of liquorice and I noticed that liquorice root appears as an ingredient in quite a few of the teas.


Sanibonani from Woolworths

This was actually the first tea I started drinking. I was drawn to it because of its beautiful box. It definitely isn’t as strong as the infusion tea, but its unusual flavour keeps me re-buying it every time it runs out. It turns a brilliant golden colour and the buchu gives it a fresh smell and taste. I also really enjoy the subtle hint of citrus.

(Sanibonani is a Zulu word and is used to greet more than one person)

Rooibos Chai

Rooibos Chai
Rooibos Chai from Woolworths

This one is my least favourite of the trio, but I still enjoy it. It is much closer to “normal” teas that people drink. It has a bit of a sweet kick to it, but it isn’t sickly sweet. I enjoy the chai element, which transforms it from an average cup of Rooibos to a super cup of Rooibos.

*I don’t add milk or sugar to any of my teas. I find teas that come in teabags to be easier to work with, than ones where you need to find (and clean) a strainer.



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